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A bit about the project

Team Canada

Small scale

Development of an informational Web site to provide historical information, event details etc., in a way that makes it accessible to a wide user base.


The Client


Team Canada

Team Canada is an organization composed of former players, professionals and fans, that is dedicated to preserving and communicating Team Canada’s history and significance to Canadians through various media channels and events.


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The first design phase for this agency was completed as part of an Interactive Media Design (IDP) course; this second phase involved a single dedicated team to complete back-end development and additional functionality for the Web site, as well as arrange Web hosting and setup for the agency.

Project Gallery

Project Gallery

Team Canada mockup

Project Features

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Project Features

01 Rich Media Content

Web framework integrates text, 2D/3D graphics, animation and other media assets.

02 Custom Graphic and UI Design

Custom layout, typography, colour palette and media to maximize user experience.

03 Open-Source Data Architecture

Custom relational database designed and built for all dynamic site content.

04 Content Management

Provides users with the ability to manage content and media in the application.

Project Team

The Team

team member Camillo

Camillo Angelozzi

Back-end developer

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team member Carolyn

Carolyn Larocque

Front-end developer

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team member Julia

Julia Peden

Front-end developer

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team member Andrew

Andrew Prince

Front-end developer

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team member Jared

Jared McDonald

Front-end developer

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Technologies Used

technologies used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL