JE Bearing

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A bit about the project

JE Bearing

Large scale

Development of a new, tablet-based information and communication framework used on the shop floor, as existing procedures are impacting productivity.


The Client


JE Bearing

JE Bearing is a machine shop committed to providing bearings, power transmission supplies, maintenance and precision machining services, with the aim of exceeding customer’s expectations for cost, quality, and delivery.


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In consultation with the company partner, the Reactor team designed a tablet-based Web framework that allowed creation of manufacturing process documentation by operators on the floor, email-based communication between operators and managers, and general information feeds directly to workstations.

Project Gallery

Project Gallery

JE Bearing mockup
JE Bearing mockup

Project Features

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Project Features

01 Rich Media Content

Web framework integrates text, 2D/3D graphics, animation and other media assets.

02 Custom Graphic and UI Design

Custom layout, typography, colour palette and media to maximize user experience.

03 Open-Source Data Architecture

Custom relational database designed and built for all dynamic site content.

04 Content Management

Provides users with the ability to manage content and media in the application.

Project Team

The Team

team member Clara

Clara Marshall

Designer and Front-end

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team member Barbara

Barbara Bombachini

Front-end developer

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team member Mauricio

Mauricio Silveiera

Back-end developer

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Technologies Used

technologies used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Client Testimonials

project testimonial

“I learned far more doing this project than I would have just doing the regular program. Working several hours a week allowed me to continuously practice with the new tools which allowed me to get comfortable faster.”

Clara Marshall, Designer