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Geo Adventuring

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Geo Adventuring is a mobile app that will promote a wide range of activities and services within rural Ontario regions using map-based, thematic tours.


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TecVana Inc.

TecVana Inc. is a corporation dedicated to supporting declining recreational sectors in rural Ontario, and specifically to begin informing and rewarding a younger generation to travel to and engage with rural communities.


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One of the tools TecVana Inc. wish to develop is a mobile application that will promote a wide range of activities and services within rural Ontario regions through GeoAdventures, which are map-based, thematic tours through various regions of the province, highlighting everything from local attractions to businesses. This mobile application will incorporate dynamic library of GeoAdventures that users can review, bookmark and rate; every GeoAdventure will be created and populated by participating rural communities, and utilize gamification strategies to promote rural Ontario to a younger, technology-focused demographic, and bring them into rural communities to translate items and experiences in the app into real world rewards and activities. <br><br> The Interactive Media team at Fanshawe is partnering with Tecvana (with whom we have had a history of collaboration) to aid in the design, information architecture and creation of the prototype of the GeoAdventuring application. This current phase is funded through business capital from TecVana, and is part of a longer term plan involving other mobile applications, games etc. As with all applied research projects in Interactive Media, a core team of students will be primary design and development, guided and supervised by Interactive Media faculty. <br><br> Funding for the project comes through business start-up funds available to TecVana, as well as revenue from their initial Geoadventuring community clients

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Project Gallery

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Project Features

01 Geolocation

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02 Gamification

03 Map-based tours

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The Team

team member Stephanie

Stephanie Wagner

Designer and front-end Developer

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team member Kelsey

Kelsey Wozniak

Front-end Developer

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team member Graeme

Graeme Demarsh

Back-end Developer

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Technologies Used

technologies used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Client Testimonials

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"The collaborative partnership between TecVana and Fanshawe College has proven to be an invaluable experience...the product that has been developed is very impressive!"

Doug Matatall, CEO of TecVana