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A bit about the project

E. Planner

Small scale

Cloud-based Web platform that provided any user with curated information and important data management tools for Estate Executor processes.


The Client


Executor Planner Inc.

Executor Planner Inc. is a small company in London, Ontario that has envisioned a comprehensive guide and suite of paper-based planning tools that lay consumers can use to independently collect, organize and manage Executor data.


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E.Planner is an easy-to-follow web-based program that records and saves important estate information into a digital repository. Users will purchase the product online on a subscription basis, and have access to forms, checklists, contact information and other details critical to estate planning.

Project Gallery

Project Gallery

E. Planner mockup
E. Planner mockup
E. Planner mockup

Project Features

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Project Features

01 Rich Media Content

Web framework integrates text, 2D/3D graphics, animation and other media assets.

02 Custom Graphic and UI Design

Custom layout, typography, colour palette and media to maximize user experience.

03 Open-Source Data Architecture

Custom relational database designed and built for all dynamic site content.

04 Content Management

Provides users with the ability to manage content and media in the application.

Project Team

The Team

team member Jessica

Jessica Peasant-Simpson

Designer and front-end Developer

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team member Asha

Asha Ramji

2D animation and front-end developer

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Technologies Used

technologies used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Client Testimonials

project testimonial

"I learned a lot of extra skills as a result of being part of Reactr, and I think they are skills that put me ahead of my classmates significantly."

Asha Ramji, Front-end developer