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Large scale

Developed a virtual 3D simulation system to test a new plow-blade design that uses a digital network to identify when the blade should be deployed.


The Client


Rolling Stone Technology Limited

Rolling Stone Technology Limited is a Woodstock Ontario company, in the process of designing a unique and innovative snowplow system. The engineer heading the company has numerous patents for industrial design.


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Designed to be operated in conjunction with GPS data, this digitally-controlled snowplow blade system will identify obstacles such as driveways and avoid plowing in such areas. The interactive Unity application simulated the use of this blade with particle systems, compared to standard blades.

Project Gallery

Project Gallery

Snowplow mockup

Project Features

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Project Features

01 2D Animations

To assist in the design and stress testing of the prototype

02 3D Animations

Modelling, rigging and animation for implementation in game engines

03 Solid-works

To create higher-level physics-based modelling and animation

Project Team

The Team

team member Jeremy

Jeremy Dilks

3D Animation

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Technologies Used

technologies used

  • Unity
  • 3DS Max
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

Client Testimonials

project testimonial

"RSTL recognizes that Reactr has the talent and the technology to deliver the required digital model. It marks the beginning of a new manufacturing outlet requiring skilled labour and a supply chain of high-tech parts."

Michael Andic, from RSTL