People We Are Looking For

Start your career path while you're still in school and get ahead.

we are looking for people who are:

  • Experienced in HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Bothered by bugs (the coding kind)
  • Experienced in design software & tools
  • Creative and passionate
  • A fan of application performance
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Team players
  • Problem solvers

Available Jobs at Reactr

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desktop mockups

available jobs at reactr

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June 2018


02front-end web developer

June 2018


03full stack web developer

June 2018


04back-end web developer

June 2018


Words from our alumini

words from our alumini

“Absolutely amazing opportunities to learn, technologies, client experience, and invaluable mentorship from the staff. I have never felt so supported and guided in my education. This experience has been truly life-changing."

Natalie Mastracci -Back-end developer

"I would say Reactr greatly influenced my ability to achieve my current position. I also wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to do the group interviews with Northern if it wasn't for Rob and the Reactr program.”

Nicholas Lediet -Back-end developer

“I learned far more doing this project than I would have just doing the regular program. Working several hours a week allowed me to continuously practice with the new tools which allowed me to get comfortable faster.”

Clara Marshall -Designer and Front-end

"Working with REACTR opened new doors, I meet very talented individuals, and it has helped me learn and grow tremendously. It's was an honour to have been chosen to work with REACTR."

Jessica Peasant-Simpson -Designer and front-end Developer